Outsourcing partnership program

Building on the company’s core strength, solid experience and dynamic approach to business, SO4IT is actively reaching out to discover new strategic partnerships and collaborations.

If your company operates in the IT-sector or adjacent industry, our guess is that you sometimes receive requests from customers for software development services. However, taking on a project that falls outside your company’s core competence can seem like a daunting task. We know that planning and budgeting for working with unfamiliar technologies can reduce your team’s effectiveness and your company’s overall ability to produce your core products or services.

This is why we started the SO4IT outsourcing reach-out program. Previous outsourcing partners have rested comfortably against the solid experience and expertise of the SO4IT development team, always ready to step in and handle all their development needs, as well as offering guidance and strategic advice.

As a part of the SO4IT Outsourcing Partnership Program (OPP) your company can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Expand your services catalogue and receive help and support when entering a new market.
  • Make your customers more satisfied, and surprise them by delivering services they would otherwise have to search outside of your business relationship for.
  • Keep expenses under control and reduce or eliminate the need to hire additional staff.
  • Focus on your company’s Core Business and free up your in-house resources.
  • Let our rational outsourcing process increase your competitive advantages, efficiency of productions and thus, your profitability.

The SO4IT project implementation is completely transparent and carefully documented, giving you full control over the software development process.

Our Partners

  • GigaSpaces

    Our partner GigaSpaces, the next generations application server provider, has turned heads by solving the linear scalability issues for large Enterprise applications. SO4IT is their Scandinavian partner handling sales, support, consultancy and education. With over 15 years of enterprise computing experience SO4IT will help Gigaspace clients into the cloud where they will experience linear scaling to an affordable price.