A few words from our clients


Folksam is one of the largest insurance companies in northern Europe with over 3 million customers.
The last two years SO4IT has worked on a new technical platform in order to facilitate Folksams digital transformation. The new platform is based on SO4IT´s Sugar platform which already is used by the banking sector, telecommunication companies, retail businesses and other insurance companies around the world. Thanks to the qualities Sugar holds, Folksam now feels secure in handling the large volumes of data they expect to process when new IoT and analytical services are developed.
“Thanks to SO4IT and their exceptional knowledge about Enterprise systems we have managed to build a technical platform that we feel very comfortable with. We can now start the digital transformation that will guarantee us to continuously have the advantage and develop new services that previously was not possible to do. The fact that SO4IT keeps pushing the development of Sugar on the bleeding edge opens up new doors for us all the time. What surprises us the most about working with SO4IT is how their technical ability and thinking has influenced our organization as a whole, making it more future oriented. Together we charge towards an exciting and much needed change within our organization which directly can be attributed to their enthusiasm and professionalism.”
Roger Ewert, Head of architecture, Folksam

Aristocrat Lotteries

Aristocrat Lotteries is one of the world’s most successful gaming companies. SO4IT has been working with Aristocrat Lotteries as developers and architects for the last 2 years. We introduced to them our GEAR game engine and our GigaSpaces XAP enterprise platform.

“It is truly a rare event to find a company like SO4IT. They really focus on technology and they love telling us about it. We have spent hours with their architects debating the best solutions for our customer and, more often than not, have found solutions that work today and that will scale into the future.
Our business relationship is more like a partnership than a customer/supplier interaction. I trust their judgment and they bring a unique value to our organisation.”

Joakim Adolfson, Head of R&D at Aristocrat Lotteries

Avanza Bank

SO4IT introduced GigaSpaces XAP to Avanza Bank during one of our lectures in 2010. Avanza Bank is currently building their whole new site using GigaSpaces XAP and in Q1, 2012, the first beta will be released.

“I worked with SO4IT for the past 3 years, and the thing I mostly appreciate about them is their straightforward way of doing business. We are very pleased with their performance and, in those rare cases we haven’t been, they immediately stepped up and took responsibility for it. Their way of doing business builds trust, which is the foundation of a great relationship.
What is also impressive with SO4IT is the toolset they master. We use them as enterprise architects, GigaSpaces XAP experts and support, mobile developers and web developers. To get all this, with the highest quality, from a mid-size company is impressive and saves us the hassle of contracting multiple companies.”

Ronnie Bodinger, CTO Avanza Bank


Vodafone is one of the largest network and mobile operators in the world. They have over 500 million users worldwide.

For the last 5 years, SO4IT has worked as a frame agreement partner with Vodafone in UK and Germany. The work they have done includes building mobile prototypes and solutions for Apple iPhone/iPAD and Google Android, building enterprise back-ends that handle 500 million customers worldwide and developing highly interactive web UIs.

“During my time at Vodafone, I have never found a more complete company than SO4IT. They are our go-to guys, no matter what technologies and/or designs we want. Their entire management team consists of core “techies”, so everything they say or do is well though through and grounded in reality. I can recommend them to anyone who is serious about getting an exceptional partner.”

German Leon, Manager Vodafone.