A full-service IT company

SO4IT is a medium-sized IT company with a dedicated interest in new technology and new media. As one of few full service companies we are restlessly continuing to push the limits of what is possible to find unique solutions for each and every one of our customers.

Point in fact, in just 3 years SO4IT has earned a reputation as one of Sweden’s leading authorities on large scale enterprise solutions and have become preferred partner for multinational customers such as Sun Microsystems, Vodafone, Cisco, The Linde Group, Michelin and several others.

The company’s core strategy since inception has been to be a flexible full service and solutions provider, ever ready to adapt and grow to meet customers’ shifting demands. With services including pre-studies and advisory, implementation and development, as well as testing and release management, SO4IT covers a lot of bases with little or no overhead, due to efficient resource management and ever evolving staff.

SO4IT consultants work on demanding customer projects both in- and out of office and the company has made its mark as a fair and dependable partner with profound knowledge in all our key competence areas.

Adding colors to ur palette

In the second quarter of 2008, SO4IT took the next step in the constant process to improve our service catalogue by acquiring exciting new design agency Modesty.

Modesty is not only home to some of Sweden’s most innovative and versatile contemporary designers, but also keep seasoned front end engineers and developers with extensive design implementation experience on staff. This strategic partnership has enabled SO4IT to offer a whole new range of services, where technology, design and strategy blend together seamlessly to support our customers’ business.

Preparing today for tomorrow’s success

As is the case with Modesty, SO4IT’s biggest assets are undoubtedly its personnel. The company’s senior staff, headed by CEO and technical lead Magnus Poromaa, is considered to be among some of the best in their field.

However, seniority alone does not make a company. Identifying the importance of competence development and re-growth of intellectual capital very early on, SO4IT has therefore developed a highly successful pre-thesis program. In the program, a select elite consisting of junior engineers are assigned a senior staff member each, to act as their personal technical mentor.

We consider it a rare thing – and a key factor behind our success – to have a management team with senior technical expertise. We believe in leading by example and being one hundred percent dedicated to our profession. In doing so, we can ensure that SO4IT will continue supporting customers’ business around the world – today, tomorrow and beyond.

Key competences

  • Java Development

    SO4IT is a Java driven organization with experience from building E-commerce sites, telecommunication platforms, rich media blogs and digital asset management applications for milions of users world wide.

  • Web Development

    SO4IT is a design driven organization with experience from building traditional XHTML, CSS, Angular JS and React.

  • Mobile Device Development

    SO4IT is a multi-platform mobile service provider. We build applications for both Apple and Android devices.