SO4IT is a professional service company focusing on delivering enterprise solutions that use cutting-edge technologies. We strive to help our customers make the best decisions about what technologies and architectures to use.

javaJava Enterprise

Four enterprise architects, with focus on Java Enterprise, established SO4IT in 2005. Today we work with Java Enterprise projects in telecommunications, bank & finance, retail systems and online gaming.
Since 2009, SO4IT represents GigaSpaces in Scandinavia and Finland. Most of our projects today address issues of high performance, low latency and linear scalability from the start.


SO4IT, as a company, employs several of the leading authorities in their respective fields. We have been recognized by companies like Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Adobe, GigaSpaces and Tietori for our deep knowledge and exceptional oral skills.
We love giving lectures and courses. It helps us spread the message about ourselves and what we represent.
If you have a subject you really wish to conquer but you feel unsure about, let us know. We have many customer references from a variety of subject areas.


Our web developers work mostly with projects in retail sales and online gaming, where high demands are placed on interactive UIs using technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Bootstrap, React and AngularJS. One of our specialties is building cross-browser sites that work on both desktop and mobile web browsers.