Working at SO4IT

SO4IT is a highly successful and active participant on the global IT market. We have an informal, open and toreative atmosphere and are always interested in developing relationships with other enterprising individuals at the forefront of technology.

Therefore we welcome creative, enthusiastic, dedicated and technically skilled candidates to contact us, or submit their resum├ęs for consideration.

Ours is a company based on the commitment to our craft and both personal and technological development. As part of our team you will have the opportunity for professional growth, working alongside some of the best in their field and supported by more experienced team members or senior partners. SO4IT provides exciting and challenging work conditions that allow team members to realize their potential and work in an informal high tempo atmosphere.

SO4IT is dedicated to employee satisfaction and long term relationship-building which makes for a stronger team. Professional training and subsidized sports activities are made available, while self-education and knowledge-sharing within the company are strongly encouraged.

All team members are provided with modern equipment, contemporary furniture and ergonomic chairs to provide a conformable and health conscious work environment.

We are hiring

  • Java Developers

    We are looking for Java developers with working experience in Java enterprise technologies like Gigapspaces, EJB 3.0, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JBoss and Sun Glassfish. If you also are familiar with concepts like test driven development, dependency injection, cross cutting concerns and re-factoring we consider it a plus.

    You will work from our office and on customer sites around the world. We expect you to have at least 3 years of working experience and a bachelor or master degree in computer science or similar. If you feel comfortable with teaching we can also offer a teaching position where you will teach courses from Sun Microsystems curriculum, Gigaspaces and our own open source based curriculum.

  • Web Developers

    We are looking for Web developers to work with rich Internet clients.

    You will work from our office and on customer sites around Europe. We expect you to be an expert on styling using CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Angular JS and React.