SO4IT provide sales, support and professional services for GigaSpaces in Scandinavia and Finland. We have been hand picked by GigaSpaces because of our reputation in enterprise computing.

What it is

GigaSpaces XAP (eXtreme Application Platform) represents the next generation’s application server. It promotes a linearly scalable architecture by partitioning the data and storing it in RAM memory and executing the logic close to the data. It is the worlds’ only SLA driven container with out-of-the-box support for self-healing and SLA monitoring. It runs seamlessly on private, hybrid and public clouds without any changes to the application. GigaSpaces newest product, GigaSpaces Cloudify, makes it as easy as a click on a button to switch from a private in-house cloud to a public cloud like Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure.
You can read more about GigaSpaces XAP and GigaSpaces Cloudify at, there are also videos and presentations to watch. Or you can contact us at and we’ll arrange a free lecture for your CTO’s, architects and developers to help you better understand the benefits of GigaSpaces XAP and GigaSpaces Cloudify.

Customer Cases

  • Avanza Bank

    Avanza Bank is a Swedish online bank with over 500.000 active accounts. Because of its extensive expansion over the last 10 years they are now running their entire site with GigaSpaces XAP as their core middleware.
    CTO, Ronnie Bodinger, has had his eyes on Space Based Architecture since he first attended a lecture about it at JavaOne back in 1999. Their old site was built with a similar architecture and has won numerous prizes for the fastest, most reliable and most user-friendly sites in the finance industry in Sweden. Avanza Bank’s new architecture is entirely based on Spaces Based Architecture and GigaSpaces XAP. All data is stored in a partitioned in-memory space.
    When asked by executives from Dell how they will solve the scalability problem, Ronnie answered. “That’s easy, just buy another truck load of servers and scale out. GigaSpaces XAP handles that for us”.
    See him speak about their migration in this video.

  • TeliaSonera

    TeliaSonera is a mobile network operator working in 10 countries with over 130 million customers. TeliaSonera has introduced GigaSpaces XAP as their core middleware. In 2011 they started rolling out solutions based on applications and will continue to do so.
    Before choosing GigaSpaces XAP TeliaSonera did their due diligence, and found that the maturity of the platform and its full feature set made it the most attractive choice for them. SO4IT worked together with TeliaSonera on the implementation of GigaSpaces.