Avanza Bank

SO4IT introduced GigaSpaces XAP to Avanza Bank during one of our lectures in 2010. Avanza Bank is currently building their whole new site using GigaSpaces XAP and in Q1, 2012, the first beta will be released.

“I worked with SO4IT for the past 3 years, and the thing I mostly appreciate about them is their straightforward way of doing business. We are very pleased with their performance and, in those rare cases we haven’t been, they immediately stepped up and took responsibility for it. Their way of doing business builds trust, which is the foundation of a great relationship.
What is also impressive with SO4IT is the toolset they master. We use them as enterprise architects, GigaSpaces XAP experts and support, mobile developers and web developers. To get all this, with the highest quality, from a mid-size company is impressive and saves us the hassle of contracting multiple companies.”

Ronnie Bodinger, CTO Avanza Bank