Avanza Bank

Avanza Bank is a Swedish online bank with over 500.000 active accounts. Because of its extensive expansion over the last 10 years they are now running their entire site with GigaSpaces XAP as their core middleware.
CTO, Ronnie Bodinger, has had his eyes on Space Based Architecture since he first attended a lecture about it at JavaOne back in 1999. Their old site was built with a similar architecture and has won numerous prizes for the fastest, most reliable and most user-friendly sites in the finance industry in Sweden. Avanza Bank’s new architecture is entirely based on Spaces Based Architecture and GigaSpaces XAP. All data is stored in a partitioned in-memory space.
When asked by executives from Dell how they will solve the scalability problem, Ronnie answered. “That’s easy, just buy another truck load of servers and scale out. GigaSpaces XAP handles that for us”.
See him speak about their migration in this video.